A Tribute to Our Elders
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Hi everyone! We're creating A Tribute to Our Elders - a global video collaboration with people from around the world. Take part by recording your own video below (it's quick & easy) and you'll be part of a memorable experience and video montage. What to do? Simple! Share your name, where you’re from, who is the elder in your life that has taught you something valuable (whether they are still with you or have passed), the “one liner” they are always known for saying and then feel free to elaborate a bit if you like. Videos should be 10-20 seconds and please hold your phone horizontally if filming on your phone.

Here’s an example
"My name is Orly Wahba living in Jerusalem. The elder in my life who has impacted me is my grandpa who was always known for saying, "Take what you want, but eat what you take." I realized that his message was deeper than I ever understood. He wasn't just talking about when eating, but with life. When you start something, see it through until the very end!"

Can't wait to see your videos!

With kindness,
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