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Kid Eat Free Virtualthon!
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Hi everyone! Thank you for DONATING your talent to our cause ... feeding hungry children.
Just a few things to keep in mind...
>videos should be no longer than 6 minutes
>if recording on your phone or tablet, please turn the device sideways to record in landscape view
>No solicitation videos or branding watermark
>MOST IMPORTANT: at the end of the video, please look into the camera and say. "HELP FEED HUNGRY CHILDREN. DONATE TO KIDS EAT FREE TODAY".
**Performances chosen will be notified by email
*** By submitting your video, you are giving consent to Soldiers Outreach & Kids Eat Free to use videos for promotions (pre and post event), during the event itself and replaying on its websites and social media platforms.
*** No artists, groups or performers shall or will receive compensation for use of their recorded performances.
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